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Your Benefits

 We care for you, as you care for others


All team members accrue holiday during their employment with the Company.  Agency workers, consultants and contractors are not regarded as ‘employees’ and therefore do not accrue holiday.

Holiday entitlement is 28 days per year pro rata.  There are 2 levels of entitlement within the Company.  Specific holiday entitlement will be stated in every team member’s offer letter. 

Pension Scheme

From January 2014 the Company has automatically enrolled all eligible team members in to a Workplace Pension Plan as required by the Government.   The Company has chosen The People’s Pension as the pension scheme for you.

When you contribute in to the pension scheme, the Company will equally contribute up to a maximum percentage contribution.  Your minimum contribution and the Company’s maximum contribution are tiered by Sunrise benefit levels.  If you do not wish to join the pension scheme you can opt out within the scheme rules. 

Private Medical Insurance

For manager positions (Benefits Level 2 and above), the Company offers by application, Private Medical Insurance to provide fast access to quality private treatment in the event of illness or injury.   After successfully completing the probationary period, managers may apply for Private Medical Insurance. 

Company Sick Pay

The Company encourages all team members to maximise their attendance at work while recognising that, from time to time they be unable to come to work due to sickness.

All team members are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay which is payable up to 28 weeks.

After successfully completing the probationary period, team members may be eligible for company sick pay. 

Group Life Assurance

The loss of a loved one or family member will always be a traumatic event.  To financially support team member’s families in such circumstance, the Company provides a Group Life Assurance Policy.

All team members between the ages of 16 and 70 are automatically enrolled in the policy.  All team members should ensure they nominate a beneficiary for this policy. 

Group Income Protection

For manager positions (Benefits Level 2 and above), the Company offers Income Protection Insurance which provides a replacement income if a manager is absent from work through long-term illness or injury.

All managers between the ages of 16 and 65 and successfully completed at least 3 months of service will be automatically enrolled in the policy. 

Employee Care Programme

The employee assistance programme, offers a wide range of confidential health and wellbeing services to team members including telephone counselling, face to face counselling, legal advice and financial advice.  These services can be access free of charge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Leave and Pay

All team members may be entitled to Statutory maternity, paternity & adoption leave and pay. 

Childcare Voucher Scheme

The Company shares your concerns about balancing your working life with the demands made on you as a parent.  To financially support parents, the Company offers a Childcare Voucher Scheme that helps team members save money on the cost of childcare. 

Compassionate and Bereavement Leave

From time to time team members may need to take time off work due to bereavement in the immediate family, to attend a family funeral or to be with an immediate family member who is suffering from a serious illness.  The Company looks to support team members in such circumstances and recognises that is often an upsetting and difficult time. 

Wellbeing Service

The Company promotes the health of all team members and works with Occupational Health to advise on health in the workplace on a confidential basis.

Flu Vaccination

To support healthy living, the Company offers each autumn a flu vaccination programme to all team members.   Having an annual flu vaccination can protect again seasonal flu and recommended by the NHS for people in at-risk groups, such as people with long-term medical conditions and pregnant women. 

Eye Care

Team members, who regularly use Digital Screen Equipment (DSE) as a part of their role, can apply for reimbursement of the cost of eye tests.  Should glasses for DSE use be required, team members may apply for reimbursement towards the cost of their glasses.  Eligibility applies following successful completion of the probationary period. 

Cycle 2 Work Scheme

The Cycle2work scheme is a Government tax exemption introduced to promote healthier journeys to work.  The Company has partnered with Halfords Cycle2Work scheme to give team members’ access to buy a brand new bike and safety equipment up to the value of £1,000 whilst making fantastic tax savings of up to a potential of 42%.  The Company purchase the bike on behalf of the team member and the team member will then be able to pay for the bike through monthly deductions from their salary over a period of 12 months.

Long Term Service Award

The Company recognises and shows appreciation for team members' service with the Company. Team members with five or more years of service are recognised at five year milestones by presentation of a Sunrise award box, service pin and gift voucher reward, in the month of their anniversary date.

Referring a Friend

The Company recognises that team members would like to recommend/introduce a friend to Sunrise.  For every successful referral, a team member will be awarded a cash incentive once their friend has successfully completed the probationary period. 

Green Travel Incentive

To help team members to save money on their travel expenses as well as reducing parking demands and reducing CO2 emission; helping our carbon imprint on the environment.  The Green Travel Incentive is a cash payment rewarding team members who use green modes of transport to commute to their workplace.

Your Choices

In addition to your core benefits, the Company, offer a range of voluntary benefits working in partnership with Personal Group. Some of these voluntary benefits are designed to save you money, for example, discounts on your regular shopping and holidays, some to make your money go further, whilst others are intended to give you personal help and support, should the situation arise.

Study Support

The Company supports and encourages team members to develop their qualifications, skills and experience.  Those wishing to pursue professional development may apply for funding towards the cost of training and study. 

Whether or not the Company offers financial assistance, team members who meet certain qualifying criteria are also eligible to apply for time off to pursue training or development activities.

Jury Service

Team members may be asked by the courts to complete Jury Service.  Jury service is a public duty and, unless someone is disqualified from attending, has the right to be excused or has a valid reason for discretionary excusal, then they must complete Jury Service. 

The Company is committed to team members on Jury Service Leave and will reimburse the loss of pay, subject to receipt of Jury documentation. 

Heart & Soul Awards

The Heart & Soul Awards is a recognition programme for team members who truly embody the core values of Sunrise and go above and beyond the call of duty to serve our residents, their families and each other. 

We celebrate each others contributions through Sunrise’s Principles of Service and Team Member Credo.  It is acknowledgement of our team member’s special efforts, values and behaviours and to say thank you. 

The Heart & Soul Awards programme runs annually between 1st June to 31st May with monthly recognition and climaxing with a glittering Awards ceremony in July for selected winners to attend with their General Manager or Support Office Director.

Summer of Sunrise

Summer of Sunrise is a global Company recognition programme to show appreciation to all team members for your dedication throughout the year to fulfilling our mission of championing quality of life.   Summer of Sunrise runs for six weeks during the summer, Celebrating Our Team.  Each week during the Summer of Sunrise the Company focuses on a different theme from the Team Member Credo, our Mission and Principles of Service.  This recognition programme is a great way to have a little fun, while also remembering the importance of this Credo.

Your Voice Counts

Your Voice Counts is an annual team member questionnaire for an opportunity to better understand your views of Sunrise; what matters; what helps you to deliver on our mission and what stands in the way of you giving your best. 

Your Voice Counts is a commitment to listening to your input on how we can improve.

Our Mission, Principles of Service, Core Values & Our Foundation

Team Credo

The Sunrise culture is focused around delivering excellent care to our residents and working together as a team.  In all our interactions with one another we will:

  1. Provide Excellent Service
  2. Embrace Diversity
  3. Celebrate the Achievements of Others
  4. Encourage Team Spirit
  5. Assume Best Intentions
  6. Show Respect to All