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Sunrise House, Post Office Lane, Beaconsfield,Buckinghamshire, HP9 1FN



What We Look For

Every Sunrise team member should share our mission: to champion the quality of life for all seniors.

What we look for in Sunrise team members

As you will be able to see from our team members and support/manager positions Sunrise offers many roles. Additionally, since we are a growing, successful company - and part of a growing international network - opportunities arise frequently. And roles are often newly created rather than just 'replacement'.

We frequently have positions for care staff and assistants, and people who are involved in the care industry whether from the private or public sector. In order to successfully manage and administer that process, there are opportunities in management in senior care specifically but also in general management, customer relations, systems, finance etc. In fact anything you can associate with running a business successfully and efficiently.

Sunrise is, at it's heart a company that cares for others. We are a business, but we are a business that will only succeed through the delivery of a powerful system of care for seniors. Sunrise operates a set of principles that are at the heart of everything we do.